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Welcome to CRM Software Solutions! We are the experts in integrating CRM solutions with your business. We offer years of experience in CRM software specialization. In general, there are 4 different types of CRM applications. Then there is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is our recommendation for unique business needs. Each CRM solution we offer has its own distinct advantage over another CRM. With our expertise we can help you choose the right CRM solution tailored to your specific business needs. 

If you are in need of a CRM solution, you found the right place. CQ Solutions means CRM solutions. Having Microsoft CRM as our flagship, we offer functionality and ease of use superior to what we could offer our customers in the past. 

What business is Microsoft CRM Software best suited for?

CRM applications are a necessary tool for any business that requires extensive customer relations, and an increase in sales and productivity. Let's look at an example of 10 people in a Sales Department using Outlook to manage their data. Some of them use Excel while others use Word to store their information.

There are an additional 2 to 3 people each in Customer Care, Marketing, Accounting and so on. The departments are not in synch with one another and information management is getting out of hand as the company grows faster than ever.

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Marketing Havoc

The marketing department runs a campaign through various channels without being informed of the analysis on successful ROI rate. On top of that, the sales manager has no idea how many sales leads are passing through unnoticed without follow-up while he is busy trying to "guess" how their latest marketing campaign fared.

Handling Customer Service & Sales Issues?

In the midst of all this, the customer service department can t respond to a revised quote request from the customer because the sales rep assigned is out on vacation. At the same time, the accounting department is scrambling for information on sales completed or order processed.

Solution for Chaotic Situations

Does this sound familiar? Imagine how confusing the business operation would be like prospective customers lost because of missed leads, as well as lost productivity and revenue, not to mention the disparity on customer interaction. The marketing dollars of your company are spent sporadically without specific marketing plans and goals. If this is a scenario seen often in your company, we have a unified solution.

First Step: Centralize database on the customer information

Obviously, it starts with the centralization of the customer information. You need to store the data into one single repository system, known as the database.

No company can be successful in business management without having the ability to share the information between its workforces. The Microsoft CRM solution presents the solution to provide the company personnel with access to relevant data from one single location. It manages the information by either granting or denying the access based on the security.

Search for CRM software solution: Challenges awaiting the Company

Before Microsoft CRM was introduced, businesses that needed CRM solutions had very few choices on the 3rd party integration of CRM software in connection with other Microsoft products and services. Often is the case that a minor update in the Microsoft application platforms meant a major breakdown for the corresponding CRM applications. Business comes to a standstill until vendors come up with quick patches to bring the CRM users back online. Outlook functionality has often been the most problematic for companies that heavily depend on an email system.
Nevertheless, companies continued to pay the price searching for a CRM solution. Presently, there is no other CRM based on the latest Microsoft technologies meaning your CRM will become obsolete in 6 months, unless you invest in the Microsoft CRM solution. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: the Revolutionized CRM Solution

Microsoft recognizes the dilemma companies are facing - this is the reason why most widely used components are included in their CRM solution. For example, the application is built inside Microsoft Outlook.

How often do you see a company developing its own operating system i.e. Microsoft Windows? Who else do you see developing its own programming languages, let alone writing software applications using its own programming languages, which work on its own operating systems? What other companies have developed their own office productivity suites like Microsoft Office that work hand in hand with their other applications? With the current market share exceeding 90%, and the application that works seamlessly with office suite, Microsoft CRM is anticipated to be the most sold product in the years to come. Wouldn t your next CRM choice be from Microsoft?