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Posted in Microsoft CRM | February 22nd, 2007 |

Outlook Based CRM Advantages

CRM software developers have taken to heart that Microsoft software is used by virtually 90% of the business community and CRM solutions tend to be designed with MS Outlook in mind, and that includes non-Microsoft CRM developers.

The advantages for MS Outlook users of having an integrated CRM solution is that there is no endless switching between applications, this saves time and user frustration. There also tends to be a lower cost in training users as the CRM solution almost invariably acts as an extension of the Outlook client and users are already familiar with it. You should not underestimate the costs of providing training and especially user support which can become the largest cost item of implementing any software solution.

Using a MS Outlook integrated CRM solution also means that email communications are automatically logged and taken into the CRM database and ready for access by any of your front-office or customer service staff who need access to it whenever they need it.

Another advantage is that CRM solutions that have been designed with MS Outlook in mind, tend to have been developed on the Microsoft .NET platform and this allows for greater integration with the Outlook client and lends itself to web-based hosting far better.

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