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CRM Automation of the Sales Process - Feature 4b

Posted in Microsoft CRM | March 7th, 2007 |

Continuing with exploring CRM issues and Sales Process Automation

Continuing from our previous post on Sales Process Automation and the issues to consider when selecting a CRM solution and a partner consider the folowing:

Task Tracking and Managing Activities through to SaleT

Ask if you can link tasks and activities to one opportunity and obtain a composite history of how your business is interacting with the prospect.

Territory Reassignment

Can you transfer permanently or temporarily a rep from one territory to another ? Can you assign multiple territories to a single rep or group of reps ? You will need to handle such events if you have a rep away on vacation or illness, or the neccessity of a particular marketing campaign demands it. Question how users will be able to synchronize back at base so local contacts are not lost. What happens if you alter territories say decrease the number of territories or increase them - how will the transfer of client and prospect data be handled in such an instance ?

Sales Reporting

Can you choose the format for a sales reports ? Can the reports be altered to deal with the exigencies of your own operation and if so what will that cost and how long will it take ? Are there any particular coding requirements for a particular activity - if so take care as this tends to obstruct user adoption.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reports

Will the CRM solution provide KPI reports such as call activity to sales made ? How detailed does the CRM reporting go in describing how sales activity relates to sales revenue ? Can you perform comparative analysis across territories, agents and product lines ?

Tomorrow we continue with the 3rd sub-instalment regarding CRM issues and Sales Process Automation.

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