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CRM Automation of the Sales Process - Feature 4d

Posted in Microsoft CRM | March 9th, 2007 |

Concluding the Issues facing you when looking at Sales Process Automation

Opportunity Management

Can you enter simple business rules for probability ranking of opportunities and is there a facility to halt opportunity progression if certain criteria are not met such as minimum order size ?

Complex Opportunities

Complex sales opportunities present certain challenges where there are different products and services involved in the sale - can the CRM solution handle differing completion or delivery dates and how will it handle an instance where a product bundled with the overall contract is actually not sold ?

Multi-user Opportunity

What happens when there is a team of sales agents involved in an opportunity - who will be able to access the information - any, some or all and can it be based on a need-to-know or authority ranking criterion?

Competitor Tracking

Tracking what the competition is up to is very helpful so how will the CRM solution actually capture competitor information - can sales reps input competitor information from client feedback ? How will the CRM solution correlate and present this information in a useable format for marketing, management and other sales reps to handle ? Especially pay attention to features of a CRM solution that will allow you to perform google type searches such as “Show me all client meetings where competitor XYZ was present and we won th edeal”


How will sales reps submit their forecasts? Can opportunities be ranked and weighted so a realistic pipeline can be established for an entire sales team ? How will the CRM roll up forecasts to a sales reps manager and how will the CRM know who that sales manager is?

Quote generation

How will th eCRM generate a quote and who can perform the action? Where is teh quote stored and how will it be updated ? Will the CRM integrate with the accounting and stock management software easily and if so how?


Can the CRM solution support multiple currencies and if so how - can this integrate with

Order Entry

How do sales reps input orders ? Can it be done directly from the accounting system ? How fast is this ? (note it can be very slow for many CRM solutions - even a wait of 20 seconds is considered a very long time by users who want it done now)

Order History
Is user history viewable and if so by whom ? Where does the information come from - the CRM itself or the accounting system or are you able to run side by side comparitives of customer history? Can you view customer payment history and credit rating for order limits?

Customer Service View

Can a sales rep see customer service records and see what issues there have been ?

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