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CRM Issues for Customer Service - Feature 6a

Posted in Microsoft CRM | March 12th, 2007 |

CRM software can improve customer service and help you retain business and clients while at the same time reduce the cost of customer retention. Customer service and retention is important if you believe that the cost of replacing a new customer is as high as 10 times the cost of generating a new one.

Either way, customer service is very important unless you are a monopoly and that is simply not applicable for the vast majority of businesses in todays world.

Here are some of the questions and issues you should be taking up with any potential CRM solution provider:

Call Screening for Customer Service Calls

Taking the initial phone call and creating a service ticket with initial notes is when the call is classified and given a priority rating - how will the CRM software handle this ? How will the service desk operative taking the call be able to route the call to the appropriate staff or department that can deal with the issue?

Categorizing Calls

How will the CRM software categorize the calls ? What options are available ? the reason this is relevant is that business intelligence can be gathered from trends in customer service contact for instance, if there are a relatively large number of calls asking for instructions on “how to” perform an operation with a product, perhaps you need to revise the user manual.

Queue Management

How will the CRM software monitor queues and can it rank in accordance with your Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) ? What about differing SLA’s for different customers bands dependant upon price eg Premium, Standard, Basic and so on - how will the CRM software be able to cope with that and subsequent changes ?

SLA’s often include a penalty against you if you do not meet the service standard so it is vital that your people know when that is about to happen in good time - can the CRM solution escalate a ticket if an SLA is about to be broken ?

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