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CRM Issues for Customer Service - Feature 6b

Posted in Microsoft CRM | March 13th, 2007 |

Continuing with CRM Issues you should be exploring with Customer Service:

Warranty Management

How will warranties be tracked to customers and recorded ? How will several equipment and warranty information be tracked to one customer and how will that be displayed and managed by the CRM solution ? What happens about notification of expiry of a warranty ?

Knowledge Base access for Customer Service

A knowledge base for your customer service staff and other users can enhance your customer service operations. If a customer calls in with an issue, the customer service staff can search to see if a resolution has already been found for an issue with a prior customer. Can the CRM solution perform an automatic search of known customer issues to see if their is a match for the existing one? This leads on to whether users can actually input a new issue and resolution for future customer service users to access and have searched and how will these resolutions be vetted before being submitted and approved for use ?

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