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Customer Expectations - CRM Can Help!

Posted in Microsoft CRM | January 15th, 2007 |

CRM is all about customers, your relationship with them, and how to manage that relationship. I did mention “relationship” twice there. There’s a good reason for that, because it’s your relationship (there it is again) with your customer that is at the heart of the entire process. Without a relationship with your customer, you might as well put on a blindfold at stab pins at a prospect list in the hope that the one you pick will be a good one.

Customers have expectations. Some of their expectations are from you, and some might be from the product you sell them. They expect that their expectations will be justified. That bit is part;ly up to you, and partly depends on the value of the product. You can’t change the product, but you can change the things you do. Communication with the customer is the key!

“…setting up processes that assure that customer expectations are managed makes all the difference. A good CRM tool can help you manage expectations, by helping you communicate. This can be as easy as sending a new client start up package or creating a process that states you must contact a client before closing a service order.”

Never forget that you are expected by the customer to deliver their expectations. Do that properly, and the customer will deliver to you. That’s good business! For that to work efficiently you should, of course, be using the very best CRM solution you can get.

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