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Easy Integration makes CRM a win win

Posted in Microsoft CRM | March 29th, 2007 |

The ability to integrate software with other software and with work styles has been a problem for small business from the start of computization.

Many time the small business owner is thrilled with the advent of the software that will do just that job that needs to be done, but shortly there after discovers that the ideal software will not communicate with the rest of the business software. Then they either have to take the time to convert the output or find another miracle software.

Microsoft CRM is a software that is wonderful for managing contact and automating the office. But its not a stand alone product as some softwares are. Microsoft CRM will integrate with Microsoft office quickly and easily allowing the automations to over lap into the microsoft suite.

Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client already provides businesses with a reliable tool for communicating with customers, storing customer contact information, and scheduling appointments. Now Outlook can do more. With the Microsoft Sales for Outlook client in Microsoft CRM 3.0, all customer information can be managed from Microsoft Outlook. Sales, lead information, marketing pitchesв€”everything you need to stay connected with customers. And because this information can be available company-wide, all employees have the power to see client histories and respond effectively to questions and requests.

Enable Excel to analyze customer information. Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet software is a powerful tool that is widely used to analyze critical company data. Compiling important data often means searching through multiple sources. Now, Microsoft Excel works with Microsoft CRM 3.0 to give businesses a new way to understand the impact of changes in sales, pricing, clients, and contacts. Data about sales and other business activities is easily imported to Excel from Microsoft CRM 3.0, making it easy to run scenarios, reports, and graphs for all aspects of a business. And data can be imported into Excel in three ways: As a static table, a dynamic table, or a PivotTable dynamic view. With the latter two methods, Excel automatically updates data as it is changed within Microsoft CRM 3.0.

Enable your employees to customize customer communications using Word and Microsoft Publisher. Use data from Microsoft CRM 3.0 to target customers for marketing and sales campaigns using Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Publisher. It’s easy to select customers for a letter or marketing initiativeв€”and personalized messages take only minutes with Publisher.

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