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Improving Customer Service with a CRM Solution

Posted in Microsoft CRM | February 24th, 2007 |

Manage Customer Service, Enhance Your Business Image and Generate Huge Savings With Customer Retention

Investing in sales and lead generation to produce revenue is essential but expensive and once you have found your customers you need to keep them, or they simply go somewhere else.

A CRM solution for Customer Service will enhance your after-sales and customer service performance leading to increased customer retention and a reduction in the overall cost of revenue generation - it is cheaper and easier to generate revenue from existing customers than prospects.

Before you proceed you will need to address some key issues regarding how you manage customers now, such as how customers interact with your businesss? Is it done by telephone, mail, email, fax or all of them ? What support service standards do you already have in situ? How do you charge for these services? What is the management and line structure that deals with service issues, who is responsible for what happens, where and when?

Consideration of these and many other questions provide a valuable opportunity to define your requirements and realistically assess what a CRM for Customer Service can actually deliver to your business.

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