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Posted in Microsoft CRM | November 25th, 2006 |

Customer relationship management is a process, a strategy that allows a field operative to manage his customers, keeping the relationship between them and the company a fluid and progressive matter.

Mobile CRM offers a competitive advantage because it offers a way to reach more customers more quickly and more efficiently than by only using a more traditional CRM system.

Mobile CRM is amazingly easy to use and takes much of the stress away from the professional sales person. It allows them the luxury of being able to stay in touch and receive regular updates.

A more versatile, mobile workforce with faster access to centralized information, means that mobile CRM is definitely here to stay.

Mobile CRM can make it much easier to be certain that the lead gets slotted down the pipeline slowly and gently, but definitely and effectively, and eventually is located in the exact right position.

Consider mobile CRM for your workforce today!

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