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Why Do YOU Need CRM?

Posted in Microsoft CRM | November 29th, 2006 |

It’s easy to lose the reason why CRM is used in the first place. It’s not because a company has to “move with the times” and adopt new technology, just because it’s there. It’s not about making the operator’s life more easy, or about looking good to competitors. This snippet from an article by Naras V. Eechambadi, Ph.D. sums it up well:

“It is widely recognized that when “CRM” efforts “fail,” it is often because companies look to technology to provide a silver bullet and are disappointed when it fails to deliver. Companies are often seduced by software offerings that promise to make marketing and CRM easy, with their pretty, seemingly intuitive interfaces. When faced with the urgent pressure from software salespeople eager to make their quarterly numbers and willing to discount the product at month’s end, companies sometimes give short shrift to the need for well-developed business cases, cultural readiness, organizational preparedness and the process design that should precede a software purchase.”

Be sure that you purchase your CRM solution for the right reasons. Be sure you understand why you need CRM. And be sure that the CRM solution you purchase is the best there is.

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