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What CRM Solution Should You Choose?


These days, CRM technology is the buzz in business. It's no wonder, because when customer relationship management software is properly implemented it is a powerful tool. So what CRM solution should you choose?

No matter what sector your business is in, to be successful you need to have better customer service than your competition. So whether you are in the retail sector, financial services, telecommunications, technology, or any other business to do better you must be better.

Regardless of your business size its important to implement a solid CRM solution. We recognize that small to medium size businesses may not have the necessary resources available, like a large company would. Well work with you to create a plan that will fit your budget. Its that important! There are nine things to consider when evaluating your  CRM software .

1. Company Goals and Strategies You need to know this to deal with the next 9 items.
2. Web-based, Client based Web based services take care of storage, updates, and anything else related to software, making them a better choice for many small companies. On the other hand, client side software resides on your computers, so you  have full control of it.
3. Budget and the Total Cost of Owning Determine your budget before you start doing your software research.
4. Room to Grow and Expand - You should have an idea of what type of growth your company will experience in the future, so your software choicecan accommodate that growth.
5. Customizable for your Business Needs - Choose software that allows you to customize to your specific company needs.
6. Works with Existing Systems if you use other software (i.e Microsoft Office or Outlook) you will be benefit from software that integrates with it.
7. Vendor Reputation, Product Reliability

Syed Ali, is the lead CRM Analyst for CyberQuest Solutions. He can be reached at 905-815-1995 ext 22