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Business Process Automation that works!

Companies evaluating CRM software envision a solution that will smoothly automate all their businesses processes.

So what is work flow management?

Work flow management allows companies to automate routines into the CRM system. Businesses thrive when they follow a set rule or procedures to sell and service customers. In today's business environment you need to ensure that our sales reps follow up with prospects in a timely manner. You also need to ensure that when customers call to report an issue, they are properly handled. You need to ensure that when you send proposals and quotes to customers, you do not neglect to follow up on time, thus resulting in lost sales. Similarly, leads need to be tracked in accordance with the company business rules, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Work flow is harder to implement without a system

We often tell our reps and customer service personnel to observe the above mentioned rules, but unfortunately we cannot always have things work the way we want them to, and this is where workflow automating comes in.

Microsoft CRM makes it really easy for you

Workflow automation feature in Microsoft CRM allows you to build and incorporate all of those procedures. You can basically tell the system when to trigger a specific flag or alert.

For example, when a sales rep sends a quote to the customer, a call is automatically scheduled to follow up with that customer after a specified time period. If customer service rep receives a call regarding an issue, an alert can be sent to the manager in charge, if the issue is not resolved in time. New leads are automatically sent a welcome email, followed by a reminder to the sales rep to follow up with a call. You can automate almost any business rule via Workflow feature of Microsoft CRM.

How companies benefit from a feature like this

Automating tasks saves time and provides endless benefits.. In addition, there is a direct correlation between an increase in  sales and an increase in company efficiency within days of implementing such a system. Sales reps now have time to focus on what they do best - sales.

The company is able to follow a structured approach with a high level of confidence  things are under control.