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Outlook Integration

The #1 email client in use within the business industry is microsoft Outlook. The use of its email and calendar functionality is widespread among companies.

When a business is looking for CRM, generally the primary concern is how users would react to the new email functionality, which is different than Outlook.

Many other CRM solutions try hard to emulate Outlook within their own applications. However, in the end, the users want the true power of Outlook. They never get used to the look and feel of other systems.

Because Outlook is in such high demand in the business community, Microsoft decided to build its CRM 'inside' of Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates Outlook functionality.

Native Outlook Experience & True Office Integration

If you know how to send and receive emails, add contacts information, schedule calls and appointments, then you know how to use Microsoft CRM. Native to Outlook means that you are actually opening Microsoft CRM when you open Outlook.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Becasue Microsoft CRM is built inside Outlook, CRM users can send emails to all the contacts that are stored in the CRM database. The advantage of sending and receiving CRM emails is that you have the choice of automatically storing all your incoming and outgoing emails with a particular individual contact record in the database.

You can also send personalized emails to any individual contact or a group of contacts. Email personalization is an important feature that can make your customer feel very special.

Operating within Outlook means there is no need to forward emails to co-workers, because they can log into the database and search for contact records, find, and read the emails they are looking for. Apply different security levels to different employees.

Many built-in templates are available

Having the familiar native Outlook interface decreases data input time and increases productivity.

Microsoft CRM addresses these key issues to help businesses find the balance in between by providing a product that is easier & faster to use.