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Email Blast and List Management

What is Email Blast

The Email Blast feature is frequently used in CRM, because it does such a great job of improving customer service. In fact, it is this function that upgrades CRM to a new dimension, making email tasks easier than ever to use alongside of CRM. Companies welcome this feature, because they love functionality that speeds up the process of resolving problems. With the introduction of Microsoft CRM, companies now have the power to improve productivity. With the introduction of Microsoft CRM, they were just given that power to improve productivity.

How Email Blast works

The process behind email blast is very simple. Your sales or marketing personnel will use the familiar Outlook interface to create a bulk emails, by choosing a template design that is associated with a specific email topic.

Once you have selected your recipients, Email Blast will prepare a personalized email. and send it to the group of customers or prospects. You can create a variety of text or HTML based emails. You can easily incorporate pictures of your company logo.

How Email Blast will benefit

Microsoft CRM is a tremendous asset to your business. For example, you can use Email Blast to notify existing customers about new products or services you are offering, thereby increasing your revenue potential. It can also be used to send promotional or discount offers to customers or to conduct survey questions via emails.

Email Unsubscribe Feature

One of Microsoft CRM features is how convenient it is to manage email lists. Over the course of yeas, as the online community develops, respecting email privacy is becoming a paramount concern. Microsoft CRM makes it a breeze.  

What do managers want to see?

With this feature managers can easily pull reports for each of their marketing blast campaigns. In an instant they can know the success or failure of any marketing campaign, and they are always in the loop.