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Reports and Dashboards

While Microsoft CRM installation provides you with some compelling reports, users often prefer their own layouts, and choosing their own report data. Dynamics CRM provides you with flexible, advanced reporting functionality, so you can get reports exactly how you want them.

In the world of business, informative and effective decision making relies on thorough comprehensive reporting, yet many third-party CRM applications overlook the importance of this functionality.

On the other hand, Microsoft CRM offers superior reporting features in more than one way, using Excel’s reporting tool. There is even a real-time dashboard view.

Reporting Options in Microsoft CRM

a) Excel Reporting Tool

With Microsoft CRM, it is no longer necessary for you to have to design custom reports. Instead, you can use Microsoft CRM to customize your own report using Pivot Table reports.
In Pivot Table reports, you can quickly search for the data you require in the report. Once the search criteria is set, the results can be exported into Excel format for reporting.
The Pivot report is easily prepared with the Excel feature, using the exported data. This intuitive form of reporting requires no customization.

b) Custom Reports:

Microsoft CRM software includes more than 20 pre-designed reports for everyday reporting. The list of reports includes Sales Forecast, Sales Activity, Sales Pipeline, Account Overview, and more.

Need something special? Not to worry. Our team has the expertise to develop any custom report you need. However, for most businesses, the readily available, customization options with Microsoft CRM software, are sufficient to handle most reporting needs.. Another handy custom report feature is the ability to 'drill down.' This means when you view a report, you can go many levels deep to view more details, just by clicking on a specific reports section. For example: if you pull a forecast sale report, you can click further on the monthly chart, thereby getting details of all the pending sales for the month.


Dashboards provides another option for viewing customer related reports in a graphical presentation. These graphs can be presented in the form of a bar chart, pie chart or trend analysis chart.

Dashboards offers real-time data presentation using graphs and charts, as reflected in the CRM applications at that particular moment.

The viewing elements of Dashboards include real-time sales activities, customer inquiries, customer support issues, lost sales or closed deals, and more. You can also define any type of dashboard you want..