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Web Integration

In the past 5 years the competition among businesses has gradually intensified, as the evolution of the internet has taken place. Companies are now in a constant search for innovative ways to attract new customers. In the midst of all that, websites are now the form for businesses more than the conventional brick-n-mortar storefronts.

Handling Customer Inquires via Website Forms

It is now easy to broadcast your marketing slogans while at the same time collecting customer information, just by using your company website. One standout tool is a 'Web Form' — a simple webpage that allows potential customers to enter their name and information for product or service inquiries.

Convert your Web Form into an interactive marketing tool

You can also expand the web form to include questionnaires for your prospects to answer by simply selecting predefined choices. Prospects will often look for ways to contact you because of their interest in your products or services.

Putting up a website to capture all the pertinent information to qualify a potential customer is a smart way of doing business. That way, you can screen out most 'unqualified prospects' and reduce overheads by focusing on the most qualified prospects.

How Web Form works with Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics makes it simple to communicate through your web-form. Your customer can go to your website and fill out all the information that you require for pre-qualifying.

As quickly as the Prospect clicks on the 'submit' button, the information is transferred into the Microsoft CRM. There is no time to lose.

How the managers interact with new leads from the website

To monitor new leads in the queue, sales managers can easily access the specified section where new leads arrive through the web form.
The information submitted through the web-form is automatically updated in  Microsoft CRM, thereby eliminating the need for manual data entry. The web integration feature also automatically creates a new record in the Microsoft CRM for a contact's telephone, email, and other relevant information.

Processing leads generated from the website

Managers can process the lead for legitimate info or discard it if believed redundant. Once the lead is accepted, managers have the discretion to assign the lead to a sales rep or to a specific track for other lead distribution processes. At the same time, a reminder will be sent to the sales rep informing him of the newly assigned leads.

What else can we do with this feature?

In addition to obtaining prospect information, you can use the Website Integration feature in other profitable ways. Most conveniently, an email auto-responder can be set to trigger when a prospect submits his or her information through the web form.

By sending out an acknowledgement email with accompanying product information, your prospect can be assured that his request was received and also have the opportunity to get a head start on learning more about your products and services.

The power of automation

Imagine the time you could save on qualifying customers. Then imagine the time saved to enter each contact manually and send individual emails. The automation feature alone is a tremendous advantage for the company. Sometimes companies just lose track of those valuable inquiries due to the lack of automation.