CRM software solutions

Office Compatibility

Office Application Integration

No vendor can do a better job of integrating MS Office, than Microsoft itself. As a parent company of both products, Microsoft CRM integrates and takes advantage of the capabilities of the CRM system.

Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel

With Microsoft Dynamics and Office integration, the CRM users have seamless Mail Merge documents for both Word and Excel. Every day you  need to print letters, and prepare documents in Excel to send to your customers. The tight integration with Office applications Microsoft CRM allows us to do mass Mail Merge documents with our contact information within the CRM.

Merging and Printing letter

Just a few mouse clicks, and sales reps can now merge and print a letter for one or more contacts. Use the Word Merge Integration to send proposals to customers; or any other document Logo, letterhead or any type of custom formatting of data from the contact related info is seamless. You no longer need to write the same letter for a customer each time; and Administration personal no longer need  to prepare quotes each time the need arises. Just save a document in CRM and use that document as a template to print to multiple customers at the same time.

Personalized Correspondence in less time

In Dynamics CRM, the Word and Excel merge functionality will fill in the appropriate name, address and other pertinent information automatically. It takes just a few mouse clicks to enjoy the merge capabilities of Word and Excel, and your documents are ready to go..

Microsoft CRM compatibility vs. Third party CRM application

While there are a few third party CRM solutions that provide basic Office Integration, there are potential pitfalls in using these types of offerings. 

Disadvantages of using third party CRM application

Whenever a new update occurs in the Microsoft Office suite, the third party CRM application comes to a sudden halt due to incompatibilities. This has a huge impact on business productivity. It is not unusual for businesses to find themselves grinding to a halt until their third party CRM software vendor makes the necessary changes to their code, in order to get their office integration back. It can take months for a vendor to make their software compatible with  Office Suite, and businesses pay a heavy price in lost productivity.

Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Office suite – a happy family!

When you choose Microsoft CRM software you can relax, because all compatibilities are handled as they are released. Both products are Microsoft’s, and they always make certain their users are able to take advantage of their products as soon as they are released. Microsoft’s goal is to ensure that their CRM users are not inconvenienced when Office Suites has an update.