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Mobile and Blackberry Options

Mobile World & Mobile Devices

Today's business world changes rapidly. Sales avenues are becoming dynamic with sales expanding outside of the conventional territories into the world of mobile devices. Of course, more expansion means more challenges. Even with one centrally located database, mobile sales force can still face the connectivity challenge for retrieval of real-time information. The mobile sales reps often work from remote locations away from the local offices. Sometimes, even within the local area, they constantly have to move around. Others work out of their home offices. 

How does Microsoft Dynamics handle the Mobile Data Sharing situations?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers many options to share data from remote or mobile locations. From a sales rep's, perspective it is very important to have the ability to receive a real-time quote and access the central database for updates.

In Microsoft CRM, there are three ways to remotely communicate with the central database.

Microsoft CRM, Web-based Access

The Dynamics CRM has built-in accessibility via the Internet. It can be configured so that sales reps with internet access can log into a secure website to retrieve the needed data. For example, an internet café can be used to access the company database for the most current and updated information, so you can do your work.

Of course, most sales reps carry laptops. Laptops with internet access make it a snap to log into the system. It’s no different than logging in from the office. You can update your contact related information instantly so that it will be available at your local office. You can do all that within your CRM, using the same familiar interface you are familiar with in Outlook.

Microsoft CRM remote access via Outlook on Your Laptop

Running Microsoft CRM on your laptop, becomes the main access point for your data connectivity to the main database. The advantage of having Outlook as your platform is that you don't necessarily need the internet connection. Even when you are offline, the access to your CRM database is available.

This feature offers the convenience of continued operation even when there is no internet connection. The sales reps can still work offline accessing the data and updating. They could be in the moving car or at the client site where the connection is unavailable. Microsoft CRM will automatically update the central server once the internet connection becomes available and the user logs into the system.

Blackberry & Pocket PC Access

Microsoft CRM is fully compatible with Blackberry or other pocket PCs in the market.

It allows you to have the functionality to access your CRM over the internet using Blackberry via CRM mobile functionality. Alternatively, you can also synchronize your data and have the data available on your handheld devices for offline access.