CRM software solutions

Campaign Management

One of the most desirable features in CRM is the Campaign Management. It allows your company to implement your sales and marketing strategies effectively by maintaining the information on the customers and prospects within one centrally located database. .

Campaign & List Management

Microsoft CRM offers two features called Campaign Management and List Management. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can create a 'custom' campaign to market your products and services.

For example, a campaign planned for all customers in the province of Ontario can be created specifically from the list. You can also further refine your target list to include a specific geographical area or other criteria—i.e. customers only within Toronto, Ontario.

Targeted Campaign & Marketing

With Microsoft CRM, you can easily filter your list by the criteria you choose and then jump start a marketing campaign in the form of cold calls, emails or other print media. Additionally, Microsoft CRM is capable of tracking and collecting responses from the campaign.

For instance, if you ran a campaign for 10,000 prospects , and you receive 200 responses in the form of email and calls, Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically creates those contacts in the database and flag them based on the response source.

Benefits of the Campaign Management Feature

Having run a successful campaign, Microsoft CRM has the ability to calculate ROI (return on investment) or to create an expense report (spending on different marketing channels).

The list of features on Marketing Automation includes:

  • Marketing Planning and Budgeting
  • Creation of Marketing List
  • Campaign Launch
  • Tracking Marketing Responses

What do Managers like to see

Managers can track and analyze different types of reports and data during and after the campaigns. In doing so, they can utilize the outstanding features of CRM applications to formulate specifics about the campaign results and how they can be applied for improvements in sales and service for different variables they look after.

CRM applications help managers to easily identify those variables using the List Management system.