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You need not be left in dark as a visitor to the CRM world.

Welcome to CRM Software Solutions! We believe that it is very important for our visitors to know firsthand what information this site contains—that will be a huge time saver. Our visitors will learn a great deal on what they can find here before they begin.

We have dealt with thousands of companies over the years, and know what challenges they might face. For instance, we have compiled from our experience, a section on commonly asked questions and answers relating to your IT or Network setups.

You can find the summary of our sections (pages) listed below:

We organized our website into several different sections. Our goals are to accommodate different types of visitors and to ensure a user-friendly experience. You can expect to find here a brief summary of each section and an informative guide. We gave it our best effort to put together a content-rich website using our years of experience in the CRM software field.

For Business

In this section, the focus is on business owners, sales and marketing managers, as well as CEOs. Those who will need an in depth understanding of what CRM could offer for business operation. Indubitably, Microsoft CRM offers lot more than we can discuss in our website. We therefore gave our attention to some of the most powerful features of the software. Each page in this section is devoted to explaining particular features, their use, and the benefits therein.


In order to enhance the experience of our website, a short Videos demo has been incorporated in this section. We are confident that you will learn about the benefits and features of Microsoft CRM software. You can increase the understanding of the software as you may evaluate the CRM in the most practical way.

I.T Simplified

The main focus of this section is likewise for business personnel. However, IT/Tech personnel can also benefit from this section. In addition to evaluating CRM software, it helps greatly to learn about the underlying platforms required, operating systems, network infrastructure, and the whole enchilada.

In this section, we give our best to present the information for our visitors. Our objective is to make answers available immediately for those questions that may arise in the non-technical and easy to understand manner.

For IT Staff

We designed this section to contain more complex technical information viewed from an IT perspective. Your IT department staff can browse this section to learn more about Microsoft CRM.

Other Important Pages to Visit

Other products we offer

In this page, we explain the other CRM Solutions we have carried for the past 7 years. Upon your request, we will evaluate your current needs and provide our feedback. We will then make recommendation for the most suitable product that will fit your need.

Myths Dispelled

This is an excellent page to visit for people that have misunderstandings about the ‘Microsoft CRM‘. Myths Dispelled page outlines factual information about Microsoft CRM software. In so doing, you can sort out some of the misinformation going around

Schedule a Microsoft CRM Demo

This page will allow you to submit your company information. We will do the first level analysis of your business needs and then contact you to schedule a demo for the most appropriate product inline with your requirements!

Online Evaluation Form

This page works like a scorecard for your current CRM needs and the possible scenarios. We built our experience through serving thousands of businesses, and you can benefit from the great tools we developed over the years.


Just as the name implies, you can find product literature about Microsoft CRM software in this page.


The blog page is available for you to gain further understanding of CRM. The blog contents focuses on the general trends of CRM. Please feel free to participate on our blog

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